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Let's Get Your Business On TV!

Quick, Low-Cost 

TV Commercials 

For The Small To Large Business Owner 

Yep, We've Changed The Game

Effective!  Inexpensive!

It's Time To Compete With Big Brands

AND, take your business to a level you've never seen. We know you've tried those neighborhood mailers or probably created a FaceBook page for your business. You've given out coupons, placed ads in the local newspaper, as well as, other community publications. 

But, are you on TELEVISION?

If the answer is no, this is your chance to place your business on TV without breaking the bank.

The best production team & ad agency have developed a system to allow businesses to advertise on TV at a lower rate than ever before. 

Most cities in America are controlled by one cable company. The cities are now divided into subzones. 

Have you ever dreamed of putting your business on TV but thought it was too expensive?

Subzones allow your business to target just one area of your city, which makes TV advertising more affordable than ever before.  

You can have a commercial airing in your community/airing only in a portion of your city. 

To viewers, it looks as if your TV spot is airing all over the


But, you are only targeting – and paying for – the immediate area around your business.

With traffic being congested as ever...customers don't want to drive across town to do business...they prefer to do business close to home!

Baby, I'm a STAR!

Influencers, this one's for you

Television commercial for the Social Media Star

Let's take your talent to TV

Gain more views, subscribers & followers with a custom television commercial.

Advertise your YouTube Channel or Instagram Profile within your community, your entire state or nationally.

This is an incredible way to boost your social media status.

What better way to promote your new project

Do you have a show coming up, a movie coming out, a new song, a new album?  Promoting a party? Hosting a club? Holding an upcoming meet n' greet? Holding an event?  Your very own Television Commercial is the way to go! How many of your friends can say they have their very own commercial airing?

What Are You Waiting For

Let's Get You On TV! :-)

Take a look at some of our commercials

let's start your campaign today

Your Media Consultant will gather information about your business. We'll use photos or videos of  your business if you wish or we can simply create from our stock. We consult with you on finding the right advertising and marketing strategy for your needs.

  • We develop cost-effective national-level creative content for a variety of mediums.
  • We film HD video productions on set and/or on location.
  • We plan, negotiate and manage cost effective local and national airtime purchases for television, Internet, radio, print, and other alternative or traditional media platforms. 

Your Media Consultant will analyze your campaign’s needs and collaborate with you for a local or national campaign whether it be on television (cable, satellite and broadcast), radio (local and satellite), Internet, Outdoor advertising (Billboards, Benches, Buses), Movie Theatre, or Print (National and local newspapers, magazines and more.)


Our Grow production team & ad agency can take any concept directly to reality bringing your vision to video life with an amazing team of graphic designers, copywriters, directors and talent to present that National High-Quality High-Level look and feel that's smart, effective AND affordable!

Sit back, relax & let us create. We'll have your commercial ready within 72 hours!